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L7106A Electromechanical Switch repeatibility

Question asked by VANDERWAL on Nov 10, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2014 by tomc
I am currently doing an error analysis of our measurement setup.
I was wondering, what is the time scale for the definition of switch repeatability?
I am assuming that with switch repeatibility, we are talking about Delta S21, when switching to another output and back again. 
Since the number of cycles is mentioned, one might think that wear is a dominant factor, and that repeatability is from lets say the first measurement to all later ones.
For my application, I only care about repeatability to within a approximately one hundred cycles (per output).

Also, will the repeatability be dominated by ohmic losses, or is there a dominant reflection part.

We tried to measure the repeatability myself, but probably the switch is not worn out enough yet, to really be able to measure any repeatability effects yet.

Another issue is how cycles are counted. Our monitoring software, will keep track of switching cycles. Are the cycles counted per output, or for any switch operation as a whole?

Finally, if somebody checks the datasheet, there seems to be a misplaced DC at page 9 in the second column of isolation. It should have been in the fourth column.