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85070E Calibration Short High Temperature Probe

Question asked by khaynes on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by ryanenorth
Hi I have a rental customer who continues to experience some issues with the short cal of this probe. We've sent them a couple configurations of various manufacture date and options.

Searching the Keysight website for 85070E shows, among others, "What are the equivalent part numbers for the various Keysight 85070E options?"

The high temperature Dielectric Probe Kit 85070-020 lists A dielectric probe, a short clamp assembly, and a short disk

I don't see use of the short disk addressed in the documentation, or the online web help.

Is the short disk required for use with the current probes and short clamps? Is this something new or optional with the current version of the probe? Appreciate any help with this. 

The customer states they will continue to get by using the elastomeric disk, but doesn't think its giving good results. I'll point them here if further help is needed / available.