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Remote Control of N9310A with 3rd party SW

Question asked by emrecetin on Sep 18, 2014
Hello All

I have a N9310A signal analyzer. N9310A has no GPIB port. I want to control N9310a remotely with a 3rd party EMC software. 3rd party EMC software only supports GPIB interface. Is there any way to convert Host USB Device Port of N9310A to GPIB? Will Keysight 82357B work two way? I mean, 82357B is used to connect GPIB instruments to PC via USB. What I want is : Connect USB Device to a PC having PCI-GPIB interface card. Is that possible?

I do not know the LAN capability of 3rd party EMC software but is it possible to convert USB Host Device Port to LAN interface instead? Do you know any products like that? Or do I have to use E5810B Gateway?

Best Regards

Emre Cetin