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54832B - what the lates frmware ?

Question asked by mirek on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2014 by ksmith
I have couple old "artifact" :) 54832B oscilloscope that have  firmware A.02.30. I wonder what latest firmware I can load on that units?
Both of them running " latest" Windows98 and both of them have Pentium II with 256MHz RAM ( not sure what the clock of the CPUs)

I also wonder if I can add more RAM to this units, and what type of memory should I used. 

I am looking in to manual and one of the pic showing the motherboard. This thing look like standard ATX motherboard from end of 90s. It is passible to swap that to something newer, of the shell, that have sufficient number of standard PCI buses?


Correction: the Windows 98 reporting that it is Pentium II, however when I run CPUID utility it saying that it is 1GHz Pentium III.

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