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Agilent 6651A EE-checksum error

Question asked by federico.bassi on Nov 10, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by PeterW
Hi there,

since 1 year I'm using the Agilent 6651A power supply for evaluating the potential drop on a steel specimen with the Direct Current Potential Drop system. This system gives as input a 10 A current to a specimen which changes its resistance due to geometry change. The instrument gives an input of 10 A for 30 seconds and then gives 0 A for 50 seconds (rectangular wave). This happens every 15 minutes.
During the last test I was not able to collect good data because at constant current the fluctuation in the potential was about 0.05 V (while usually is about 0.005 V). In addition to this, while turning on the instrument for a new acquisition, the display gave me "EE CHECKSUM ERROR".
I looked in the manual which suggested me to enter calibration mode in order to reset the error but it did not work.
Do you know what caused this problem and also if there is another way to recover it?
Please consider that my knowledge about power supply systems is equal to null... :)

*edit(I'm managing all my acquisition through a labview application)

Thank you in advance!


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