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Trigger issues blinking "auto?" DSO6054A

Question asked by jesse42181 on Nov 19, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by Fungible
I have an oscilliscope (DSO6054A) which has a triggering issue. I performed User Cal which failed 2X with trigger duration fail, 3rd attempt passed. However when unit is powered off the "auto" trigger function is lost resulting in a inability to sync to the waveform. This issue occurs everytime power is cycled. The trigger seems to begin functioning when a "new" waveform is applied and "Auto/Normal" is toggled. I need a better understanding of how the "trigger" circuit functions, logic flow or schematic anything to assist a possible board level repair. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sending in for repair is not an option.

Following the below procedure yeilds non triggered waveform with blinking "Auto?" no matter what the trigger sensitivity is set,

Press the Save/Recall key on the front panel, then press
the Default Setup softkey under the display. The oscilloscope
is now configured to its default settings.
2 Connect an oscilloscope probe from channel 1 to the Probe
Comp signal terminal on the front panel.
3 Connect the probe’s ground lead to the ground terminal
that is next to the Probe Comp terminal.
4 Press AutoScale.

Doing this yieds a unastable, unsynced wave which can only be seen if you hit "Single".

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