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Mask Testing - DSO2012A Oscilloscope

Question asked by sathish08 on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by MarkL
Dear All,

We are using Agilent DSOX2000A Series Oscilloscope in our test system for performing BER test (Bit Error Test) through Mask testing option in the scope.  At present we have routed the signal to oscilloscope Channel-1 and perform the BER test programmatically using LabVIEW test code.  Now we are in need to do BER measurement for two signals.  My question is, Is it possible to route my 2nd signal to Channel-2 and perform BER test for both the signals (in Channel-1 and Channel-2) simultaneously using the test code.  Attached a screenshot of our existing LabVIEW VI (for Channel-1 mask test). Please share your inputs. Thanks in advance.

Note: Both the signals are in same Freq and Amp (square pulse) so could use the same mask file for both the signals

Best Regards,
Sathish kumar D