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VSWR data unusable in S2P files

Question asked by nosjojo1 on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2015 by nosjojo1
This is an issue we've had for some time and we haven't figured out exactly what causes it.

When saving S2P files, we'll get VSWR data that is spikey and unusable. An example I have open right now has a range of +438:1 down to -1073:1. Clearly the numbers aren't valid, but we can't figure out what causes it to happen in our data. I attached it to this post for reference.

Our original assumption was related to normalization and window selection. We had noticed that if we normalized S21 and selected the window with S11 or S22, this issue occurred. When selecting S21, it didn't. However, we recorded a bunch of data yesterday that only had the S21 window selected and this still occurred. So now we're stumped.

Any ideas?