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calibration of VNA

Question asked by rf_like on Oct 2, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2014 by drkirkby
Hi All!

I want to relize this simple Test in Two diffrent Ways:

1Way:*Without calibrating the VNA*
I took a Variable Damping element (between 0.....50dB).  I took  a Reference measurement at 0dB. After that i took diffrent measurennts  ( 10 dB, 20dB and 50dB). I substract the Reference Measurement from the last measurements. so I got 10dB 20dB and 50dB:

2 Way:*Witth calibration of the VNA*
i got the Same Results.

I know the second Way is Better than the first way, but i dont know why.? is there any help.

I apreciate it.
Thank u.