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Real time data capture to usb drive or pc

Question asked by robint on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2014 by w0dz
Hi Guys
Is there any possibility that my DMM 34461a can be upgraded to dump sample reading directly onto a usb/pc drive  instead of having to manually "save" the results (which are automatically dumped to internal memory - up to 10k points).  

Will it ever be able log timestamp data as well?

This is in the interest of data security, cos its very easy to press the wrong buttons on the DMM and lose your precious data

Also if you lose usb connection, its a major exercise re-booting the whole chain to get it up and running again (potential wiped data)

If I am doing a $1million CERN trial I dont feel confident in using Agilent s/w for data collection

In hope that some CEO realises how crippling this is for marketing an otherwise excellent DMM