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PNA-X Time domain impulse response

Question asked by pph on Nov 17, 2014

I am performing a time-domain transform using PNA-X N5247A with a 6-inch coax cable as DUT to obtain the band-pass impulse response. As expected I observe that the magnitude and delay of the first impulse (Marker 1, please see attached document) makes sense, based on the 6-inch coax I used as DUT. However I see certain bumps (Markers 2,3, 4, 5) which I am unable to explain considering the short length of the cable. Rather than a uniform roll-off, I see that these bumps become more pronounced when I change the Kaiser window beta value from 6 to 8 (please see attached document). What could be the source of these bumps? 

My application requires high dynamic range hence my question.