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6611C Measure Voltage Readback Issue

Question asked by szastoupil on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2014 by PeterW
I'm trying return the voltage of the the remote sense lines on the 6611C.  Using the rear connector 4 pin connections of +/-, and RS+/- going to a load, the command always returns the same value regardless of the Remote/Local switch setting.

Setpoint at 3V.
resistor load  with both pairs of wires connected to it.
Switch in Local mode.
Independent DMM measuring the RS+/- pins.

Power supply in CV mode when running test.
Remote sense voltage 2.8V
Using "MEAS:VOLT:DC?" returns 3.0V (local/remote switch makes no difference)
Verified voltage goes to 3.0V when in Remote mode.

I want to be able to measure the remote sense voltage via the 6611C, but it doesn't seem to be returning the expected value.  The programmer's manual for the 6611 says this query returns the voltage at the power supplies sense terminals.  I'm not seeing it...what is the issue with the command usage?


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