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different result between BERMC and BERIS

Question asked by dangerous on Jan 19, 2015

I used BERMC and BERIS component to test the QPSK bit error rate in Ptolemy, but I got two results with great differences. Is it supposed to be the same/small deviation? (the BERMC simulation is the same as examples\PtolemyDocExamples\BER_Validation_wrk\BER_QPSK, and when using the BERIS, I set the Sig signal at the input of QPSK_demod)

I found that when I change the noise bandwidth in the BERIS "NBW=0.5/SymTime" (previously set as 1/SymTime) in which SymTime is the symbol time, the BER result matched well with the theoretical result). 

So how should we set the NBW value? "1/SymTime for RF and 0.5/SymTime for baseband"? 


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