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Problems,while generation of layout in ADS2011.10

Question asked by nimbargi on Aug 10, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2014 by volker_muehlhaus
Dear Sir,
                I have converted the project from ADS2009 to equivalent workspace in ADS2011.10. I used the ATF54143 transistor in ADS2009 and easily generated the layout for ATF54143 transistor.
               In ADS2011.10, how to generate the layout for ATF54143 transistor.I tried, right click on the ATF54143 transistor and selected the component and latter chosen the component. Later I am not able to find the SOT343 in the component art work .
               In ADS2011.10 , how to get the SOT343 in the component artwork.
               Attachment is shown the selection of component artwork of ATF54143.