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PCIe GEN3 ECRC errors in offline mode only

Question asked by tomDoster on Jan 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by algoss
When viewing a PCIe GEN3 trace that I have captured with the Logic and Protocol Analyzer owned by my company there is no indication of a problem with the ECRC values in the TLP Digest.  However, when I view the saved trace/configuration .ala file on my Windows 7 laptop it seems that all packets are colored red.  The viewer indicates that the packet has a "Bad ECRC".

The rest of the data seems just fine.

I am using my company's x16 PCIe GEN3 LPA that uses U4301A's.  The software on the analyzer is version 05.80.1004.

I use version 06.03.0000 of the Keysight Logic and Protocol Analyzer software in offline mode to view a copy of the .ala file which I transferred via USB drive.

I am using these tools to investigate an urgent matter.  Why do I see this problem on my laptop but not on the analyzer and how do I resolve it?