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HP 54520A Oscilloscope Logic Trigger Calibration Failure

Question asked by tribula on Jan 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by tribula
Recently I bought a used HP 54520A oscilloscope. I updated to latest firmware T3.33 and then attempted to do self calibration. After following all the steps as indicating by the service manual logic trigger failed to calibrate. All other calibration PASSED. In addition to this all self tests pass fine. Usually I am getting 0xFC return error code for logic trigger calibration. But I have seen 0xCC, 0xDC and 0xEC. Now, these error codes are not documented in the service manual. I would like to learn what might be the cause for logic trigger calibration failure. Troubleshooting section of the service manual states that it might be channel attenuator or main board which is pretty broad.

In connection with the above error codes I also looked into the provided firmware. I learned that ROM and SYSTEM files are LIF files containing WS_FILE of 0xC30C and 0xC30D file types respectively. I am wondering what these file types are (I couldn't find any resource regarding on the Internet)? I am looking for header definition basically.