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PNAX Win7 calibration issue

Question asked by rok on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2015 by Dr_joel

I'm using the new PNA-X Win7 OS with A.10.25.02 firmware.  I am trying to calibrate an SMC channel in 1 file and apply it to an identical channel in another file. The problem is that I get the expected result on the channel where I calibrated on, but when I apply the same cal file to another identical channel, I get results that are 2 to 4 dB off. I've attached the following .csa file.

Channel 5 was originally created on an win xp version PNA-X. I calibrated on channel 5 and got a gain value of about 31. (which is expected) But when I applied that cal file to another csa file with the same identical channel setup, it gave me a gain reading of ~34. So for the purposes of experimentation, I created an identical channel within the same file where I calibrated channel 5 on. That identical channel is channel number 2 and was created on the win 7 version of the firmware. But as you can see, the gain value on channel 2 using the calibration file that was performed on channel 5 is still off from the expected value. (roughly ~33), even though they both are using the same calibration file and tested on the same DUT at the same time.

As far as I can tell, I believe channel 5 and channel 2 are identical (except for the fact 1 is imported from XP created file and 1 was created on the Win 7 platform). 

I noticed this same behavior on the NFX measurement class as well for this particular DUT we are testing.

If someone can investigate and verify this, that would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I would need to engage with some Keysight FAE(s)..