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VXE Runtime for multiple testing?

Question asked by nickn on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by nickn
Hello everyone,

Total noob here.  I am working on a testing system we developed in order to test current ratios for electrical transformers.  We have a working program and everything is working properly so I am trying to prepare the system for use on our production floor.  I would prefer to keep the main program (.Vee) safe so I want to convert it to a runtime file (.vxe)  

I went through the steps to make a secured vxe and it works properly, when I open the vxe it starts running the testing.  When the testing is done I click OK and the program closes.  Is it possible to make the program stay open so I can test multiple transformers without having to re open the file every time?  If not would my best option be to just let the employees use the vee file on the floor and just make sure I have a copy saved somewhere safe?