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Connecting Agilent 33220A through USB to Matlab

Question asked by orielav on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by orielav
Hi All, 

I have been struggling with this problem for some days now, and cannot get my head round it unfortunately. I would appreciate your help.

I am trying to control an Agilent 33220A through Matlab. I installed the Keysight I/O library, all relevant drivers (version and have connected the device to the computer. The Keysight connection expert detects it at this address:


I am trying to adapt the code from this Agilent document to work with USB:


They use the following code to connect the 33220a to Matlab:

*device = icdevice(‘Agilent33220.mdd’,’GPIB0::10::INSTR’);*

However, I substituted it with the following code:

*vu = visa('agilent', 'USB0::0x0957::0x0407::MY44003690::0::INSTR')*
*device = icdevice('agilent_33220a.mdd',vu);*

This is the error I get when I run the program with the 33220a ON and connected via USB

*Error using icdevice/connect (line 112)*
*The specified configuration: USB0::0x0957::0x0407::MY44003690::0::INSTR is not available.*
*Use INSTRHWINFO for a list of available configurations. Use INSTRFIND to*
*determine if other instrument objects are connected to the requested instrument.*
*If this error is not an instrument error, use MIDEDIT to inspect the driver.*

*Error in signal_generator (line 36)*

Could someone shed some light on what I am doing wrong? Thank you in advance for your help,