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Visa giving timeout error while sending "US" to 4145 Parameter analyzer

Question asked by markusj on Oct 25, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by simon_coleby
When I send "US\n" command to Agilent 4155C i am getting timeout error. Actually I am sending "US;:SYST:ERR?\n" via VISA viPrintf function, and I am getting visa timeout error while reading the response. If I only send :SYST:ERR?\n then I get the right response. But i am not able to send "US\n" command or any subsequent command after "US\n"through my VISA Program. I am using c# and AGvisa32.cs  

I tried using Agilent Interactive IO to query "US;:SYST:ERR?\n" and i get a correct response. Can anybody help me here plz? How can I increase the overall visa timeout value and what I am doing wrong.

viError = AgVisa32.viPrintf(session, "US;:SYST:ERR?\n");
string result = "null";
viError = AgVisa32.viRead(session, out result, 100);
Console.WriteLine("This is the result {0}",result);

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