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Ground-Loop between DUT and Spectrum Analyzer

Question asked by nebruda on Oct 22, 2014
I have set up a testing station for professional and commercial RF-Equipment; the commercially device usually uses switching power not connected to ground (only Line and Neutral Wire)

The spectrum Analyzer that i will use is a EXA N9010A connected to the main 230V/50Hrz with the three-prong AC power cord supplied

I ask if anyone knows of problems due to difference reference voltage between DUT and Instrument (I also have a different electric potential about 100 Vac between GND of the device and the GND of the entrance of the instrument  ) or i can perform measurement without causing any problems to the instruments (during the Test of the electronic Board the Instrument RF-Input is always protected by DC-Block ).

I would like  to define a proper testing procedure  to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Thanks very much.