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Maximum duration for Envelope Simulator

Question asked by john82 on Mar 3, 2015

while working on an envelope simulation with a simple power amplifier and (Amplifier 2) and a time user defined source, I encountered a problem and I cannot seem to identify the source of this.

The VtUserDef source I am using, is linked to a DataAccessComponent where I have loaded a file containing RF modulated data (a 5 MHz bandwidht OFDM signal with a samplinf rater of 2.4 GSa/s and a duration of 3.3 microseconds).

I have configured the simulation to analyze the behaviour up to the 5th order, I have given 3.3 usec as stop time, with a step of 4.1667e-10 seconds (corresponding to my sampling period). My data are modulated around 900 MHz.

When I run the simulation, appearently the simulation concludes succesfully but for some reason I visualize the signal just up to about 260 nseconds, and not more. What could be the problem here? How could I increase the simulation time?