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IQ data capture from PXA

Question asked by Leyo on Oct 30, 2014
I have a 20 MHz LTE waveform with a sampling rate of 122.88 MHz and record length is  10 msec. So, there are 1228800 samples.There will be 4 bytes of data per samples (2 Bytes for I and another 2 for Q). This arb file is loaded to MXG. MXG output is connected t an amplifier input. Amplifier output is connected to PXA.
PXA is in  IQ analyzer mode with sample rate 122.88 MHz and time 10 msec. Reading  the IQ data using 'calc:data0?' from PXA,The beginning of the binary block data  is #79830440. This means there are 1228800*8 bytes of data from PXA. Not able to understand how the 8 times related?
Also, PXA display with above setting shows 1228801 samples... where is the extra 1 sample coming from?
Appreciate your help.
Leyo Joseph