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two channels vs. one channel, external trigger

Question asked by jane on May 12, 2009
Latest reply on May 26, 2009 by jane
I am doing a segment sweep over a list of frequencies (using the E8362B PNA), with the following trigger settings:
-Trigger source: external
-Trigger scope: Channel
-Trigger mode: point
-Trigger state: continuous
-Source: I/O (TRIG IN)BNC
-Level/Edge: Positive
And with the following frequency offset settings:
-Source: coupled, segment sweep
-Receivers: uncoupled CW time,
-My Source coupled, segment sweep.
When I have 2 traces (A/R1, B/R1) on 1 channel, the traces are swep sequentially,and in one direction.  Everything seems all right- but when I put a trace on each channel (A/R1 on channel 1, B/R1 on channel 2), only the trace on channel 1 is swept.  Both channels have the same settings, but Channel 2 doesn't seem to be receiving any trigger signal???
Thank you!!