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RS232 decoding: inverting only data?

Question asked by ps on Oct 25, 2014
Hello there,

I own a DSO-X3024A with the software bundle license.
I just wondered that using RS232 decoding there is no possibility to invert the data of the communication.
I don't mean simply inverting the whole channel using "Invert" option on channel settings or "Polarity Idle low/high" using serial decoding setup. I discovered that the both functions are quite the same. They are inverting also the start and stopbits.

What I'm looking for is a possibility to invert only the data, same way as defining LSB or MSB for data without changing the polarity of start- or stop bit.

I'm working on debugging smart cards connection quality, the cards use serial communication, so everything is fine when they use the direct convention communication (ATR starts with 3B, normal polarity, LSB first), but if they use inverted method, the bits are send MSB first and in inverted way. I can setup MSB on the scope, but I can't tell the scope to invert the data. That's sad.

I have just to invert the Hex values: 0xC0 -> 0x3F and so on.

Do you have any hints?

*@Agilent*: would be nice to have that possibility to invert the data which works the same way like LSB/MSB setting, there is even a unused softkey just right beside of LSB/MSB setting soft key :-)

with best Regards,

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