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Output Parameters from one UCM to Another as Input

Question asked by basta on Dec 18, 2014

I have been successfully using my user-compiled model (UCM, C-compiled) in ADS simulations. Some of the design parameters of this model are given as a ‘list()’, which works well. 

I want update my UCM so that its design parameters can be shared between other UCMs or ADS components. More specifically,

1-     I would like to have a UCM that has some input parameters which uses them to generate an output list, a=list(a1,a2,a3,…an). 
2-     This ‘list’ a must be provided (or shared) as an input to another UCM and also to other ADS components and simulator variables.

I am aware of the ‘Res’ model in the UserCompiledModel_wrk example workspace :

“Res is a simple resistor model. It references to another UserCompiled Model (UCM) Res_model. The resistance is defined by "Res" parameter of Res_model. It demos how to define parameters through another UCM model.”

What I need is similar to this one but in this example only the input design parameters between the two UCMs are shared. However, I want generate an output parameter and share that with another UCM and also to use it within a simulator variable. It could be swept and optimized as well.

Thanks in advance.