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3458a VBA compile error error loading dll (agtRM.dll)

Question asked by scull81 on Oct 30, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2014 by lhornburg
Hello All.

I am having trouble with an Excel workbook with a VBA macro that has been given to me by a customer. 

The macro is supposed to set up a 3458a from some user input and then continue data logging.

When I run the macro I get the error 'compile error: error loading dll'

The error highlights on a line call for agtRM.dll. ( Agilent Visa COM resource manager 1).

I have checked VBA references where there are no missing references. Agilent Visa COM resource manager is found and points to the correct directory. Also, if I retype the line the code will auto-complete.

Has anyone come across this problem? How can I fix it?

my setup:

3458a DMM
Keysight IO libraries suite 17
windows 7 32bit and 64bit ( I have tried on different machines)
MS office 2010 pro.