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10MHz Reference Out to multiple inputs

Question asked by jluke34 on Feb 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 11, 2015 by BoinFinland

I have a signal generator and I would like to connect the 10MHz Ref Out of it to 3 10MHz Ref Inputs of 3 different pieces of hardware (2 SpecAns and the my DUT). My basic question is, how would I do this? Using an impedance matched power splitter or a simple tee or is this just not recommended? I feel using the splitter may cause phase issues since it has a few degree phase difference between input and output. 

A little more about the setup: Im dealing with a test station that has a VXI SigGen and SpecAn built in. The 10MHz Ref from the SigGen already goes through a simple tee to feed the SpecAn 10MHz input and give access to to the 10MHz ref at the front panel. I want to use that connection at the front panel to input this reference to an external auxiliary SpecAn and also to the DUT. I was hoping to avoid daisy chaining through the external SpecAn because it would require an additional connector on my interface device. I'm worried the power will not be sufficient. The specifications are as follows:The SigGen output is >0dBm, the interal SpecAn input is >-3dBm, the external SpecAn input is >0dBm, and the DUT is >-5dBm. Only one SpecAn will be used at a time; however, the internal one will always be powered on and connected.

Any help or advise is greatly appreciated.