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8753 failed display

Question asked by perigee on Jun 4, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2007 by wpmuckleroy
Can anyone help me with my 8753?
I was using it the other day, and the display suddenly failed with no warning.
One second a nice return loss trace , pretty close to in spec too , the next second nothing at all  . No smoke, no smell, no little (or large) bang, just blank screen .
The instrument seems to go through its power-up sequence OK, so I think it is 'working' fine, but I can't see what is going on so it is about as much use right now as a chocolate teapot :? .
Can anyone shed any light, is there something as mundane as a fuse for the HT or something, or is it likely to be more serious?8753 failed display