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Database Corruption Error in ADS 2014

Question asked by ali_cmi on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by ali_cmi
ADS has been really frustrating me up by continuously giving this error when I try to open my designs: 

(debootcb.ael line 2121, column 18) 
Error opening library "Design_CDRX_PCBs_lib", cell "Detector_PCB_H_Ch", view "layout".
Corrupted database encountered: design Design_CDRX_PCBs_lib/Detector_PCB_H_Ch/layout 

It does NOT happen during the same run (or even on the same day). Rather it happens after 2-3 runs. Also, it is NOT specific to Layout views only. It even happens to Schematic and Symbol views.

Can someone please give a way to avert this error once and for all?


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