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E5062 Antique Engineer need Pointy headed efete intellectual

Question asked by W8OY on Jul 13, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2008 by tsilchia001
I'm missing the 871x Format IMPEDANCE MAGNITUDE for Z and Phase angle on my new instruments.  I also don't have a old 871X book around but, in the old, antique days, you could Hit MATH Display User Defined F4 and you got Z and phase on one display, the equivalent of a vector impedance meter.  I don't have that and the Smith Chart presentation is there but not exactly what I want.  These 5062 units have the 250 option and, being an antique, I need some (as Spiro said) pointy headed intellectual to write the code for me.  (I once programmed a simple program to do a Fibonnacci series and did 87000 lines of asterisks before the operator got back from his coffee break.  I could do a root canal, myself, easier that write what I need.)

Somewhere in the big, cold world of E5062 users, someone else musta used and missed this format and I sure could use such a display.

From Bacau Romania, the flower of Romanian Moldovia--where the sun flowers really are in bloom--comes this request for help.  Maybe I can get back to Dallas sooner if I can see what I want.


J Fred, JD, MBA