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34980A BenchLink Data Logger Software compactibility with Win8

Question asked by novakma7 on Nov 10, 2014
Hi, is the 34980A BenchLink Data Logger Software compactible with Win8? The web page says "Windows 7® Pro, Enterprise and Ultimate, Windows Vista®, XP SP 3 ". To me the software looks the same as BenchLink Data Logger 3 for 34970A and 34972A where is says Windows 8. What is the difference between BenchLink 3 and 34980A BenchLink ?

We use both 34980A BenchLink (with Win8) in our lab and have troubles with samples rates faster than about 500ms. The BenchLink SW gets stuck quite often when we try to hit the stop button. The unit keeps scanning, but the SW has to be terminated through the task manager.