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Preservation and maintenance of HP8753B

Question asked by jawiko on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2015 by drkirkby

I am a proud new owner of a HP8753B Opt 10 with 85047A test set. The device is properly working and last calibrated July 2002 by Agilent. Now I am wondering what I can do to be prepared in case of any problems which might arise. I am thinking of making a backup of internal calibration parameters - if this is possible - and to change the buffer battery - if existing. Dust has already been removed and the filter cleaned. Now I am asking your opinion what I can do to have a few more years of trouble-free fun with that instrument. Any hints are welcome (and yes, I am aware of the dangers coming from the measurements themselves, ESD etc, but this I know well from my job). 

Thank you all!