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HP Agilent 83731A Signal Generator problem with complex command

Question asked by john81 on Mar 2, 2015
Hello everyone,
I 'm programming an interface that links different strumentation (via GPIB controller). My main problem is in the signal generator(83731A) behavior. According what I found (In the net) I'm capable to set(and query) remotely "lot of thing"(CW frequency POWer..) and basic commands (like status interrogation and star command (*...)) but if I try to set in PULSE/AMPLITUDE/FREQUENCY MODULATION for more complex command (like setting the PWID or the PERiod) it doesn't respond.
for example (based on what i found in internet) to set a PULSE MODULATION I have to give the follow commands:

:PULM:STAT ON   ---> executed CORRECTLY
:PULM:INT:DEL..  |:PWID|:PER---> unexecuted 

the response for :SYST:ERR for typing the last line is
-113,("Undefined Header;(-113))"
-420,("Query UNTERMINATED;(-420))"

Have anyone experienced in similar problems? or what is my error in the process?

thank you in advance for all the help

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