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Testing Insertion Loss

Question asked by Synergy2010 on Nov 9, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2010 by andyowen
My company has just obtained the 8753D network analyzer, and I am still new at it.
I am attempting to test for insertion loss. 
Test Requirements:
Insertion loss per 100ft
N-type to N-type
Frequency Range: 1GHz
Max Loss: 14dB

Network Analyzer Set up:
Measure: S21 Transmit
Format: Log Mag
Scale Ref: Auto Scale
Center: 1GHz
Span: 500MHz
Marker: 1GHz
AVG: Averaging ON  Smoothing ON

Problem: Most cables I test result in a -dB value which I am assuming is LOSS.  However, when testing a shorter cable, e.g. 18inches,the result is a positive value(e.g. .2378dB). Why is this ? am I interpreting this incorrectly or am I setting something up wrong?