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Agilent DMM Connect

Question asked by tayezisk on Dec 22, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2014 by w0dz
I was excited to receive an email notice of the new BenchVue software this morning!  I have been using Agilent DMM connect which I received as an incentive from Agilent with purchase of the new 34461A.  I was excited to see the new DMM features.

On firing up my newly installed BenchVue, I started my 30 day free trial of the DMM App.

All was okay, until I realized that BenchVue for a DMM user is an upgraded version of Agilent DMM Connect, only now, I need to buy for $200 the exact same features that I got as incentive to buy the 34461A, logging for more than one hour, and notifications with setpoints were all features built into my Agilent DMM Connect.  Plus, I get the Keysight license manager for free.

For DMM only users, this upgrade appears to be, that now we need to pay for features that we already had and use?  Will Keysight consider licensing the DMM APP at no cost to 34461A buyers who got the Agilent DMM Connect as part of their purchase?