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2nd HP6244 in Module Throws Windows 20011 Error When Attempting Load Board

Question asked by dbailey on Dec 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2015 by dbailey
I added a second HP6624 to a single module 3070 III running 8.40p.  When I alter the test head config file to add the supply it results in not being able to load a test plan (see below).  The program throws a Windows error 20011.  If the second line below is commented out, and the file is recompiled, the test plan loads without issue.

      supplies hp6624 1 to 4 asru channels 1 to 4
      supplies hp6624 5 to 6 asru channels 5 to 6

We have a UNIX based 3070 in which we added a second HP6244 successfully many years ago without any issues.

Anyone have any ideas why this happens?