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Missing SCPI command for system local/Remote agilent 33611a

Question asked by clerytestia on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by vikram_u_k
Hi , i'm using a program using 33250A, but i need to use this program for someone else  using 33611A cause i cannot purchase 33250A anymore. The thing is, the 33250a labview driver doesn't work with  33611a. I need to change the programm and build an other driver in order to use it. Some SCPI command are not the same... In the program i need to let the user change some settings , with 33250A i use SYST:LOC in order to leave REMOTE access.. but with 33611A i cannot use it. I cannot find this command in the user manual. does anyone know HOW to leave Remote access by SCPI Command without pushing system button every time?

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