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Setting the popup panels to one size and one size only

Question asked by veecal on Dec 19, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2014 by emcpete
Since our conversion from 5 to 9 we have encountered several issues. The latest is the most frustrating - popup panels.

All of the panels were displayed perfectly under 5.0 (800x600) and now with the conversion they have went haywire. It appears V9 is trying to set the panels to somewhere around 640x480 but even that is conjecture - as some are 637x426 - 659x 512 and so on. 

I would think this would be an easy fix - set all panels to default "XYZ" and be done with it. But cannot find anything anywhere that tells me how (if possible) to be done. In LabVIEW it is Program Defaults, but I see no such animal on VEE.

Thanks, Mike