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Turning ON the statistics in DSOX3034A using commands.....

Question asked by malli_1729 on Sep 26, 2014
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We are doing noise measurement of power rails using DSOX3024A.

Process is :
Connect the rail's voltage to Scope.
Change the offset and vertical divisions to display waveform in Top 3 Divisions (approx)
Apply FFT
Put the statistics measurements ON wait for at least count to 1000
Then take the snapshot.

This we are trying to do using Remote Control using USB.

I can able to display the voltage rail in TOP 3 Divisions.
I can't able to Turn ON the Statistics measurements using commands.

Lines used for displaying the statistics(Note : dsoObj -> is the DSOX3034A Object returned by ResourceManager.get_instrument())
    dsoObj.write("MEASure:STATistics:DISPlay ON");

I have  Statistics Display on Screen   which doesn't got answer for this.