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How to adjust the output voltage?

Question asked by beatouyoo on Oct 1, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2010 by Dr_joel
I use a Network analyzer 8753C with a S-parameter Test Set 85046A. I only know how to change the output RF power. Does anyone knows that is it possible to change the output voltage?
I use an oscilloscope to measure the output voltage of the network analyzer. And when I set the output power of the network analyzer to its maximum, +20 dBm, the peak-to-peak voltage is 2.7 V at 100 MHz. This pp voltage decreases as the frequency increases. 1.35 pp voltage at 500MHz.
I'd like to use some higher pp voltage as 6 volts. Does any one know how to achieve that?
Thanks a lot! :P