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6611C fault correct cable orientation

Question asked by Blackart on Sep 8, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by PeterW
I recently purchased a faulty 6611C on the net and are trying to get it operational again for my lab.

Fault symptoms - At turn on 
- hear power transformer energise
- No display at all
- unit pulls 50W
- fan kicks a tiny bit at switch off

It is in very new condition, no dust etc, last cal 2013, No obvious marks where the magic smoke may have escaped.

Before I connect power I wanted to clarify the internal cabling orientation ( i.e. it looks like someone has been inside before me and I am not sure they might have not put it back together correctly )

Referring to the wide ribbon cables from the A1 to A2 board. Do the blue strips on the ribbon cable face upwards when looking at the top of the "installed" A2 board.

Also can I operate the unit with the A2 board unmounted ( But still connected ) So I can check the basic power rails levels as indicated on the test point locations in the manual i.e. P53