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Envelop simulation and time waveforms

Question asked by john82 on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by soni123

I am completely new to ADS, and I am trying to use it in order to evaluate the response of an RF circuit designed by a third person.
Basically I have the design, and I have added my time domain sources which I have already configured to retrieve signals from a dataset that I have previously generated in MATLAB. 
What I am trying to do, is to measure the output voltage of a power amplifier.
The data read by my time domain sources are complex baseband signals, which I have sampled with 600 MHz, and that I am feeding into an IQ modulator (tuned) to mix them at a carrier frequency of 900 MHz.

I would have found easier to run the simulation in time domain, but unfortunately a part of the circuit  can deliver data just if I simulate it by the envelope. 

Now my problem is that, when I simply take the part of the circuit generating the RF signal for my PA, if I try to read the baseband waverform, or also output RF signal I don´t see exactly what I would expect.

How can I get from this representation to my normal waveforms? (real signals since I and Q are feeded separately).

The second question is about the sources, I have read on the help page that the envelope simulation can use both time and frequency sources, so in this case is it alright if I am using the voltage timed source?

Any good tip will be very appreciated.