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Full 2-port calibration with connected antennas

Question asked by igouzouasis on Oct 15, 2014
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I have an issue at my lab and would like to discuss it with you. I'd be grateful if you could provide me with any help.

Suppose you want to measure the reflection and transmission properties of a thin dielectric sheet in terms of S11 and S21. We have only a VNA in our lab and a few broadband microstrip antennas (not very directive), designed to operate at the frequencies we want the dielectric to be measured. 

The simplest of the ideas would be to perform a full 2-port calibration with two antennas in place, one connected to each port, then insert the sheet in between and make S11 and S21 measurement. 

But how is a full 2-port calibration with antennas connected performed? I couldn't find any info in application notes.