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Agilent 33500B Phase command Unable to Format Parameter

Question asked by dang on Oct 14, 2014

I am using an Agilent 33500B waveform generator. I used Command Expert to write code for c#.

I am having trouble with the Phase command, both in Command Expert when i run the script, and in c#. Both give "Unable to Format Parameter".
Here's the c# code:
            double Angle_Trigger = 0;
            Ag33500B_33600A v33510B = new Ag33500B_33600A("USB0::0x0957::0x2607::MY52200463::INSTR");
            v33510B.SCPI.SOURce.BURSt.PHASe.Command(1u, 0.0);
            v33510B.SCPI.SOURce.BURSt.PHASe.Command(2u, Angle_Trigger);

Both versions of the phase command give the error. 

Thanks for any help.