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Using Cal All via SCPI to generate IIP2Hi (and other) correction sets

Question asked by JayB@BAE on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2015 by JayB@BAE
We am using a N5242A PNA-X with A.09.90.07 firmware to try and generate a correction set for IIP2Hi measurements.
When the calibration is complete the correction set appears to be saved but when attempting to apply the correction set I get an error message 516, “Critical parameters in your current instrument state ....”.
This occurs even if I attempt to select the correction set via the GUI and select "Change parameters to match.." and regardless of previous instrument settings.

Additionally, when querying the PNA via the SCPI command: "SENSe"+ch+":CORRection:CSET:ACTivate? NAME"
We get a response that the calibration set in question is applied to the channel despite seeing “No Corr” on the PNA display??

Are there any know issues with Cal All and the IIP2Hi measurements?