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5 1/2 Digit DMM - light, battery powered and with Wifi

Question asked by vga on Oct 30, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2014 by Bingo600
Dear Experts, 

Here is a tough question for you. I’ve to make several outdoor temperature measurements all around the world. Therefore I’m traveling by plane with a 34972A, several PT100 and a lot of cables. This is heavy and thus costy. I’m dreaming of a PT100 that can operate by Wifi and get rid of all cables. Simple no ? But I’ve been digging internet and no one seems to sell such device with a precision of 0.05°C. Therefore I’m thinking that I could build one myself. 

To meet the accuracy, I need a precise DMM with at least 5 ½ digit :

OPTION 1 : U2741A has a USB connection that I can connect to a tiny computer like Raspberry PI and also connect a Wifi Module. 
            Issue 1 : Raspberry PI are linux world and doesn’t have driver for U2741A
            Issue 2 : Raspberry PI have only one USB port.
            Solution 1 : Use a Windows embded computer  …  possible but heavy.

OPTION 2 : M9181A is very very light and it is DC powered. A dream !
         Issue 1 : Find a PXI to PCI adaptor and connect to a computer ???

OPTION 3 : 34972a strip the heavy casing a use the LAN interface to plug it to a wifi router. Rather expensive.

OPTION 4 : Ask mister KeySight to develop it : Take the M9181A, add a battery, add the LAN module of the 34972A, add a wifi chip and  you’re done. Isn’t it a great R&D idea ? I’m sure it is going to be a hit.

More seriously, doesn’t anyone has a good idea to solve this issue ?