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Is this normal or abnormal behaviour for an Agilent PNA ?

Question asked by drkirkby on Oct 27, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by dhamilton
Could someone, *preferably from Keysight* who supports the Agilent PNA series of vector network analyzers, please confirm if this is normal or abnormal behavior for an Agilent PNA. 

1) One applies power to the mains socket on the rear of the instrument. 
2) Pushes the power switch. 
3) The LEDs by the test ports light up for about a tenth of a second on, then go off. About a second later they come on again for another tenth of a second. This happens continuously, and the machine will not start. I attach a short video of this. 

If instead one uses a different startup procedure, the instrument boots straight into Windows. 

1) Apply power to instrument's power socket, but *not* switching the front panel switch on. 
2) Wait about 10 minutes
3) Depress the power switch on the Agilent PNA to the "on" position. 
4) Machine boots into Windows. 

Can anyone confirm if the later method is normal behavior, or abnormal indicating a fault? 

Someone claiming to have a Ph.D thinks one procedure is normal, and I think the other. Can anyone confirm what method is normal, and what indicates a fault? 

The machine in question is an Agilent N3383A (9 GHz, 3-port)