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Phase synchronization of two signal generators

Question asked by ooiben on Oct 27, 2014
Good day,
I am measuring a D flip-flop phase detector. I have two signal generators, N5181A and E8257D, on my bench. I would like to ensure that the signals from both signal generators at the same frequency is phase synchronized. I have connected the 10MHz reference at the back of both generators and I am not able to synchronize the phase at the output of both signal generators. The frequency generated is the same. Is there a way to phase sync the outputs of the signal generators? 

In addition, I would like to tune the phase output of the N5181A. There is a feature for this on the E8257D but I cannot find such a feature on the N5181A. Is there a way to do so for the N5181A?

If there are good references/documents for phase detector characterization, kindly share. Thank you.