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DSO9000 protocol listing bug?

Question asked by taydin on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2015 by algoss
Hi, I have a DSO9104A with the serial decode option. The software version is 5.20.0017 (just updated today). I am capturing I2C data and displaying it using the protocol decode. But strangely, when the number of I2C transactions is 50 or a multiple of that, the last transaction is not displayed correctly in the protocol listing. The waveform annotation displays the correct transaction data. When I save the protocol listing into a file, the file contains the correct data as well. But the protocol listing displayed on the screen has the last row displaying incorrect data. It seems this is a subtle bug related to just the display of the data on the screen.

Attached is the screen shot that shows the problem. Notice how the waveform has the correct data annotation (31H), but the listing has the incorrect data (18H).